Company History

          PITTLER was founded in 1889 in Leipzig, Germany. In 1974, PITTLER Máquinas Ltda. was established in Brazil. The main reason for this was the desire of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil to have a local Technical Assistance due to the great quantity of PITTLER machines installed at their plant in São Bernardo do Campo.

After a meticulous analysis of the Brazilian market, PITTLER decided to install a complete manufacturing facility in Brazil.

PITTLER started its activities in the city of Limeira - SP with the production of the well known electro-hydraulic single and double spindle Front Loaded Turning Machines, Models PIFAT 250 and PIDOFAT 250.

PITTLER specialized itself in the production of turning machines for chucked parts, such as, gears, housings, flywheels, flanges, brake disks, brake drums, wheel hubs, etc..., than studies showed that 80% of all turned parts have this flat type form. Short shafts can also be machined on PITTLER machines.

The Society


          In 1995 PITTLER Máquinas Ltda. became associated to NAGEL DO BRASIL Máquinas e Ferramentas Ltda. in Salto - SP with the objective to strengthen and expand its horizons, increase the productive capacity and develop new technological advances.



            After the manufacture during many years of the Front Loaded CNC Turning Machines model PETRA, PITTLER is dedicating itself now in the manufacture of Vertical CNC Turning Machines with conventional spindles and with pick-up spindles. The vertical Turning Machine in relation to the Horizontal Turning Machine brings its advantages mainly due to the smaller floor area occupied and due to the better ergonomics, that is, greater facility for loading and unloading and easy access to the tools and clamping elements.

Range of parts

            The PITTLER Vertical Turning Centers models PV and SLV in their various sizes, have a large area of application, capable of machining small parts with diameters under 40 mm up to large parts with diameters up to 1400 mm.